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Because garage doors can take up about half of your home's visual landscape, they can enormously influence the visual appeal of your home or company. As a result, many individuals and businesses ask Interstate Garage Door Service to install and maintain custom garage doors. 

At Interstate Garage Door Service, our custom garage doors are always carefully designed to represent your chosen blend of functionality and fashion by way of our wide assortment of colors, materials types and more. Our custom garage door technicians are also available to offer advice, information and recommendations to help our customers choose custom garage doors that will make them happy for a lifetime.

Interstate Garage Door Service Norwell, MA 781-519-4371We offer an eclectic and economical variety custom garage doors, from specially designed multi-folding doors to free-spirited bar-bearing garage doors. Every custom garage door Interstate Garage Door Service offers is created with durable elements and hardware, which can add a distinctive dimension and flair to your home or business. As our loyal Interstate Garage Door Service customers can attest, our custom garage doors offer far more than just a secure entrance and exit to your home or business. Our custom door specialists ensure they reflect your values, taste and take on life.

High Security Locks

Because Interstate Garage Door Service is aware that garage doors are crucial to the safety and well being of any home or business; therefore, we stock a wide variety of garage door locks to secure them. Not only are these locks intended for outside use, which means they are extremely durable, but they greatly increase your level of security so that your belongings are always safe from harm.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Interstate Garage Door Service offers an assortment of shutters and security grilles. Although they do not weigh a lot, they are designed to provide an extra level of security to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your property. Many shops and businesses find they work especially well for their security and comfort needs.